Francois Ayoub

We give u all, the opportunity to become jewelry designers.

You can create yourown line of jewelry, unique collections with limited editions along with yourvery own logo, for personal use or for retail...

So stop fantasizing,and start turning your jewelry dreams into reality… 

Jewelry that has yourpersonal touch; that reflects your personality; in brief that is so you… Isthat your desire? 

Just set up anappointment and we take care of the rest. 

Our workshop and professionalteam will be at your disposal where precious metals like platinum, gold, andsilver, along with precious and semi-precious stones, are tempered, worked andtransformed into custom-made jewelry that matches your taste, personality,style, and budget. 

The result will bebeautiful refined jewelry, reflecting personality and style of their owner…Unique and special occasion pieces for men, women, adolescents and children,for your own pleasure or as personalized gifts to surprise your beloved ones.